Union County Public Schools may be redistricted again in the near future.

Here’s what we know:

* UCPS formed a “Student Realignment Citizens Advisory Committee” in the Summer of 2017 to review options for redrawing the district lines. Meeting notes from the committee’s meetings can be found on the district’s web site here.

* The committee has issued an online survey for residents to have a voice in the research process. Survey responses are accepted now through October 3, 2017.

* There appears to be four redistricting plans being considered. Possible changes for some neighborhoods under each of those plans can be found on this PDF document on the UCPS public Google drive.

Please note that not all neighborhoods are represented on this document; it could be that further changes are currently being researched and discussed based on the results of the community survey.

We will continue to post about redistricting news are we hear it.

As always, we advise buyers to verify home schools with the school district before making a home buying decision.