Here’s an update on the upcoming UCPS student realignment / redistricting proposal.

1. “Grandfathering” current UCPS students 

According to the web page for the Board of Education and the Student Realignment Citizens Advisory Committee, many students may be eligible for staying in their currently assigned schools, even if the districts change.

The following students would be eligible to remain at the school to which they are currently assigned:

Rising 10th – 12th graders (all sitting high school students), providing their own transportation.
Students otherwise eligible for grandfathering may be reassigned if the special program required to meet the needs of the student is not in the school to which the student is currently assigned or pursuant to an assignment to an alternative school.

The Policy Committee will be considering additional grade levels, including rising 9th graders, elementary and middle grades, and siblings, once additional demographic information is available.”

2. Next public input session for UCPS student realignment

The next public input session for UCPS student realignment / redistricting will be held at 6 pm, December 14 at Monroe High School, so mark your calendar!

3. Reminder link for the maps that show how school districts may change

In case you missed our previous post, here’s a link to the maps that show how school assignments may change based on the various plans proposed.

Don’t forget to ask one of our knowledgeable Realtors if you have any questions about how the realignment plans may affect your home sale or purchase!