The following is taken from the UCPS Board of Education regarding the 2018 student realignment / redistricting.

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Realignment 2018

At its March 6, 2018 meeting, the Board of Education approved a realignment plan that will go into effect beginning in the 2018-19 school year. The Board of Education adopted the recommendation of the Student Realignment Citizens Advisory Committee with several amendments. Guiding principles for the 2018 realignment included creating a neighborhood school concept, maximizing transportation efficiency, establishing clear feeder patterns and continuity and school utilization.

Follow this link to access the maps that were approved by the Board of Education for realignment. 

New student assignments will not be available for several weeks. During this time, staff will work to assign nearly 4,000 students based on the new plan, transfer data to the district’s transportation system and verify that information is correct. 

Once the information is complete, parents will be notified about how to access new school assignments and options for grandfathering or transfers.

Below is information about grandfathering, choice options and a sibling policy that have been approved by the Board of Education.


The Board has approved the following grandfathering opportunities. If your student will be in the following grades for the 2018-19 school year, he or she is eligible to remain in his/her current school/cluster as described below. Students who takes advantage of the grandfathering option shall provide their own transportation.

  • Rising 5th graders (current 4th grade students) to finish elementary school;
  • Rising 8th graders (current 7th grade students) to finish middle school; and
  • Students currently enrolled in a dual language program and their siblings currently enrolled in the same elementary school.
  • Rising 9th graders (current 8th grade students) to finish high school.
  • Rising 10th – 12th graders (all sitting high school students) to finish high school

Students otherwise eligible for grandfathering may be reassigned if the special program required to meet the needs of the student is not in the school to which the student is currently assigned or pursuant to an assignment to an alternative school. Additionally, a student will not be able to gain admission into a special program school (i.e. CATA or UCEC) or an academy within a school (i.e. Culinary Arts or Law Enforcement) through the grandfathering process.


Students may apply for admission through lottery any school within the district whose student population is no more than 90% of the capacity as determined by the district. The Superintendent shall designate which schools are available for enrollment under this provision on an annual basis.

The Superintendent and Board have the final authority to identify schools available for choice under this option. Once a transfer has been granted under this basis it will remain in effect until the terminal grade in that school location (i.e. 5th, 8th and 12th). If a choice option is granted, as with all transfers, transporation must be provided by the parent.

Sibling Policy

A student may be eligible for a transfer based upon the assignment of his/her sibling under the following circumstances: If a transfer option is granted,  transporation must be provided by the parent.

  • A middle and/or high school student will be allowed to transfer to a school within the cluster where she/he has a sibling currently assigned, except if the sibling is in the cluster via the transfer process. The student will be eligible to remain in the cluster through his/her graduation;
  • A rising kindergarten student will be allowed to transfer into the dual language program at the school where his/her older sibling is currently enrolled in a dual language class. The rising kindergarten student must enroll and remain in the dual language program to be eligible under this option; and
  • Any student who has a sibling assigned to a separate setting classroom through the Exceptional Children’s Program will be allowed to transfer to the same school.

Visit this page for updates and information related to realignment. There will be information posted about 2018-19 school assignment maps, timelines and deadlines to exercise grandfathering and transfer options, frequently asked questions, policies and more.