Updated 2/7/18

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the Board of Education for the Union County Public Schools has a YouTube Channel, in which they live stream and record BOA meetings.

The link to the channel is here

The latest meeting shared is from this week in which the board heard from the Student Realignment Citizens Advisory Committee on their recommendations for redistricting.

The committee, as expected, recommended plan BF1. You can see maps related to that plan here:

UCPS Recommendation Option Analysis and Maps

UCPS Recommendation Plot Sized Maps


A direct link to that recommendation meeting is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K_7sYgTiPY

As a final link, you can learn more about the UCPS Board of Education here: https://boe.ucps.k12.nc.us:453/public/index.php

Updated 1/24/18

Update from the UCPS web site:

Update from Student Realignment Citizens Advisory Committee:

At its Jan. 23 meeting, the Student Realignment Citizens Advisory Committee voted to recommend Option BF1 to the Board of Education for approval. There were some modifications to BF1 that will be posted by Jan. 27. The Board will review the recommendation and hold several meetings to discuss next steps for the realignment process.

Please see map for boundaries here, and selection Option BF1 with proposed committee changes.



Updated 11/29/17

We just posted an update on our blog regarding UCPS student realignment / redistricting.

Check our blog for details, but it appears that many current UCPS students may be eligible to remain in their current school, even if their official school assignment changes.

As always, please ask one of our exceptional Realtors if you have questions about how the student realignment / redistricting may affect your home sale or purchase.

Updated 11/2/17

Here’s a very helpful map showing any school redistricting changes that may occur based on the different proposed plans.

Just plug in your address and select the various plans to see how or if the school assignments change.


Updated October 2017

We’ve taken a deeper look at neighborhoods possibly affected by upcoming UCPS redistricting. See below regarding potential redistricting scenarios and how they may affect your neighborhood.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Source: UCPS


Updated September 2017

Union County Public Schools may be redistricted again in the near future.

Here’s what we know:

* UCPS formed a “Student Realignment Citizens Advisory Committee” in the Summer of 2017 to review options for redrawing the district lines. Meeting notes from the committee’s meetings can be found on the district’s web site here.

* The committee has issued an online survey for residents to have a voice in the research process. Survey responses are accepted now through October 3, 2017.

* There appears to be four redistricting plans being considered. Possible changes for some neighborhoods under each of those plans can be found on this PDF document on the UCPS public Google drive.

Please note that not all neighborhoods are represented on this document; it could be that further changes are currently being researched and discussed based on the results of the community survey.

We will continue to post about redistricting news are we hear it.

As always, we advise buyers to verify home schools with the school district before making a home buying decision.


Updated September 2015

UCPS and CMS are subject to redistricting. Buyers should verify home schools with the school district before making a home buying decision.

Updated February 2015

Last year Union County Public Schools redistricted, affecting many neighborhoods in Marvin, Waxhaw and Weddington. For current school assignments, see this UCPS web page. If you’re interested in up-to-date UCPS school news, the Union County Homeroom web site and the Protect Union County Public Schools Facebook page are excellent sources.

Updated March 2014

Union County Public Schools approved the redistricting plan on March 4. For a list of neighborhoods affected by school redistricting, see our blog post. Maps of affected neighborhoods can be found on this UCPS web page.

Updated February 2014

Many schools in the Union County Public Schools district have experienced recent growth in the student population. Recently, the school district announced an enrollment cap for new student registrants (registering in certain schools after November 2013) until the schools could be redistricted.

Redistricting talks for UCPS are underway. District maps have been proposed. And as of mid-February 2014, there are also talks of installing mobile classrooms funded by the county, which may alter the redistricting plans for now.

For home buyers interested in Union County as a home, it’s important to understand how possible redistricting can affect your home and neighborhood.

We’ve compiled a list of helpful links on our blog to keep you informed of proposed changes to local schools. In addition to our blog, we’ll keep you updated on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. As always, please contact us with any questions about these changes and if they apply to your next home purchase!